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Subscribe for pre-order the future decals Syhart 110 :

F-16AM Falcon FA-101 "Solo Display 2018 - Dark Falcon" Belgian Air Force

1 - How to place pre-order


Pre-order form :


To :

Recommended Email subject : F-16 Vador / pre-order



I would like to place pre-order of decals about the F-16AM Falcon FA-101 "Solo Display 2018 - Dark Falcon" Belgian Air Force.

Quantity : (could be modified later)
- XX pieces on 1/48 (Syhart 48-110)
- XX pieces on 1/72 (Syhart 72-110)

Payment method : (when decals are available), (could be modified later)
- Paypal ?
- IBAN Tranfer ?

Delivering address : (could be modified later)
- First name, Last name,
- Address,
- ZIP, City,
- State, country.

Thank you.


Send the form to :


2 - Why pre-ordering ?

    • To get -10% discount + free delivery, to be among the first to receive your decals.
  The decals Syhart 110 are currently on printing on 1/48 and 1/72. Those decals were really complicated to design and develop and asked lot of time. Also the hardest is done and you are welcome to success this project today by subscribe pre-orders and get -10% discount and free delivery.
(you don't pay now, only when become available), Once available, I will contact you to proceed the payment.
     (once the decals sets available, this pre-orders page and email will be closed.)

3 - When should I pay my pre-order ?

    • You don't pay now, you will be invited to pay when the decals will be ready to be sent, I will contact you !
  Once the decals are ready, I contact you to proceed for the payment, you could pay by Paypal or IBAN transfer.
- By Paypal : I could sent you "Payment request" via Paypal, (do not forget to confirm the Email address associated to your Paypal account)
- By IBAN transfer : I will provide IBAN/BIC numbers to proceed the transfer, (do not forget to write your name as transfer information)

4 - What will be the prices of decals ?

    • The prices should be as follow : (Pre-order -10% discount are not yet applied here)
      • 1/48 : between 15,00EUR and 18,00EUR
      • 1/72 : between 12,00EUR and 15,00EUR

5 - When the decals will be available ?

    • I hope soon as possible, certainly before the end of the year 2018, depending the printing timing.

6 - Others questions.

    • May I add other Syhart references to my pre-order (for combined free shipment)
  You could add other decals sets available on website to your pre-order to get free shipment for the full order, but those are not booked until the payment is proceed., these others decals set could become "Sold out" before your pre-order become available (Especially for "Low Stock" references).  
    • Is it planned to release those decals on others scale (1/144 or 1/32) ?
  I'm sorry it is not planned to release those decals on others scales, the decals are so complicated to print that the minimum print quantities are several hundred, too large quantities for 1/144, and really too expensive for 1/32 (the resale price would be at least 50,00EUR/set with a minimum sale of 100 pieces)... If I have 100 true requests with this price, I should reconsider the question...  
    • Is it a limited edition
  It's not a real limited edition, if the first prints are sold quickly, I should reprint it. But as the quantity printed in first batch is already large, the chances of reprinting are more than uncertain  
    • Other questions ?
  Do not hesitate to contact me.  
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