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Specials Schemes 1/72 & 1/48

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Special aircraft paint schemes have been developed to celebrate anniversaries, participate in Tigermeet, and unfortunately, sometimes for last flights.  In the world of scale models, the only paint schemes you usually see are the normal, traditional ones.  Finally, here you can find the tools and information you need to produce these special paint schemes.

We produce decals to replicate these unique paint schemes.  Here you will find reference material and a large gallery of our current and future projects.  Even if you are simply looking for inspiration, you will find it here in the links below.


Advice: how to apply decals correctly: HERE

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  • 21st & 22nd August 2022 - Air-Terre-Mer, Mons - Lotto Mons Expo - (Belgium)
  • 1st & 2nd October 2022 - Plastic and Steel 2022 - Affligem - (Belgium)  

A Little help.

I rarely communicate about my personal situation, yet today I am calling on you for a little help.

- How to do it : simply by placing a small order.
- Why :
Several months ago, we discovered failures in the structure of our house, which is also my workplace.
Last March, our house was deemed unsafe, and we were evacuated.
We have now to pay for the evacuated house, and the relocation - In addition to the lawsuit against the alleged perpetrators.

Today, following the significant expenses to relocate us, there is no longer funds to print new decals sheets, although designs are ready to be printed.

If each of you decided to place an order of 10.00EUR, I could print decals for a full year.

Thank you for your help in this difficult and unfair situation, Sylvain.

  30th April 2022 : News : Syhart 142 .  
  • News : Syhart 142 : Rafale C 4-IM "10 years Rafale Solo Display" 2019/2020





- Available -


1/72 = 16,00EUR (In Stock)
1/48 = 20,00EUR (In stock)
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