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Specials Schemes 1/72 & 1/48

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Special aircraft paint schemes have been developed to celebrate anniversaries, participate in Tigermeet, and unfortunately, sometimes for last flights.  In the world of scale models, the only paint schemes you usually see are the normal, traditional ones.  Finally, here you can find the tools and information you need to produce these special paint schemes.

We produce decals to replicate these unique paint schemes.  Here you will find reference material and a large gallery of our current and future projects.  Even if you are simply looking for inspiration, you will find it here in the links below.


Advice: how to apply decals correctly: HERE

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  • 5th & 6th October 2018 - Plastic & Steel "50 years IPMS Belgium" - Affligem - (Belgium)  
  • Sunday 9th December 2018 - BSMC 2018 - Putte - (Belgium)  
  28 June 2018 : Closing the website for several weeks.  
  • INFO : The on-line sales will be closed from July 5th to September 10th.

This summer begins, and already comes the period of airshows ... These are the best opportunities to collects photos and documents for future quality decals sets. It's also a good way to make new contacts with squadrons, wings and even schemes designers

  • During part of the summer, several airshows will be my office, followed by driving hours.

The year has passed, every day and weekends have been worked, sometimes in exhibitions, sometimes on the computer to design decals, their instructions, the website or to prepare the orders of the week, or the administrative papers... for health and for the family, it's time to slow and get some rest!

  • Another part of the summer, will be concentrated for the rest, and the family, in order to return in full form at the beginning of the season !

Although in recent months the website, did not seem to move ... many hours have been spent reprogramming, several new decals sets were also expected for the spring, but delays in deliveries have appeared. It is not less than 6 news references and 2 reissues that are pending at the printshop. At the end of the summer, many of these sheets should be ready, so I should check them, pack them and update the website.

  • The end of the summer in planned for the release of new decals sets, the preparation of the nexts ones, and the reopening of the website.

Today, references 101, 104, 106, 107, 108, 109... are on printshop, as far as the reissues of 48-098 et 48-061... among these references are F-16s and Mirages.

I wish you a pleasant summer (or winter for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere), you still may place order till 5th July. after that we may meet on the aprons waiting for the return.


  06 Fev 2018 : New : Syhart 105.  
  • New : Syhart 105 : Mirage 2000-5F #43 2-EJ "Vieux Charles" EC 1/2 "Cigognes" 2017



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