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Special aircraft paint schemes have been developed to celebrate anniversaries, participate in Tigermeet, and unfortunately, sometimes for last flights.  In the world of scale models, the only paint schemes you usually see are the normal, traditional ones.  Finally, here you can find the tools and information you need to produce these special paint schemes.

We produce decals to replicate these unique paint schemes.  Here you will find reference material and a large gallery of our current and future projects.  Even if you are simply looking for inspiration, you will find it here in the links below.


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- No model show planned nextly -
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Work to live, not live to work.

Selling on website will take place one week a month.
Website is currently :  CLOSED  next opening session :  from 31st August 2024 

In order to focus the other days to the next releases, to the family and my health.
The pages of the site remain available, only the purchase button disappears, the dates of the next opening will be indicated.
This is not a slowing down of activity, on the contrary projects are on work, news are on the way and ideas for the future are more numerous than ever... But the days are only 24 hours and it have to be lived !

  4th May 2024 : - News : Syhart 48-147 , Syhart 48-148 .  
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Syhart 147 : Rafale C 4-GO "Solo Display 2022"
Syhart 148 : Rafale C 4-IR "Solo Display 2023"
(New) 1/72  In stock 
(New) 1/48  In stock 
(New) 1/72  In stock 
(New) 1/48  In stock 
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