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Syhart A005

Accessories references :

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- Smokewinder (1x pair - resin) - "Smoke pods for demonstrators"

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- 2000L fuel tanks for Mirage 2000 (1x pair - resin) - (RPL541/542) for all french Mirage 2000s and few export ver

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- PU 708 main pylon + AT 730 (Triple pylon for Rafale) (1x pair - resin)

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- AASM 250 (body Mk.82) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A005 Syhart Accessoires 005
- AASM 250 (body CBEMS) (1x pair - resin)

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- GBU-12 (body Mk.82) (1x pair - resin)

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- GBU-22 (1x pair - resin)

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- LGTR for Rafale + pylons PU 708 & AT-730 (1x pair - resin)

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- Pod "Damoclès" + pylon ADP 192 for Rafale (resin parts)

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- Pod "Talios" + pylon ADP 192 for Rafale (resin parts)

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- Pod Reco-NG "AREOS" for Rafale (resin parts)

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- Ladder for Rafale M (resin parts)

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- 2x Ladders for Rafale B/C (and variants) (resin parts)

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- AM39 "Exocet" & pylon for Rafale (resin parts)

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- pylons PU 708 for Rafale (2x résine)

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- 2x missiles MICA (versions EM or IR)

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- 2x underwing MICA pylons "LM 3266" (for Rafale)

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- GBU-16 (body Mk.83) (1x pair - resin)

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- GBU-24A/B (body BLU-109) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A021 Syhart Accessoires 021
- GBU-24A/B (body Mk.84) (1x pair - resin)

Syhart Accessoires 005
- AASM 250 (body CBEMS) (1x pair - resin)

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This kit consists of two 3D printed resin parts in very high resolution and an A6 instruction page for a pair of « AASM 250 ».

- AASM 250 (Armement Air-Sol Modulaire)
- NATO designation : « HAMMER »  (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range).

The AASM are « classics » bombs (Mk.82 ou CBEMS 250 types) to which a guidance kit and a propellant have been added, allowing it to reach distances up to five times greater than standard guided bombs (GBU type) with the same precision. The Rafale (all versions) carry up to six AASM 250, installed under the AT730 triple pylons (available : Syhart A003)

Note : "Body Mk.82" or "body CBEMS" what is it ?
The AASM 250, GBU-12 et GBU-49 exist in this two variants :
- The guided bombs are based on standard unguided bombs (the same as those used during the vietnam war) which a "guidance kit" has been added ; with tail, and guiding head (laser, optique, inertielle, GPS...) to make them extremely precise.

  • So what are the differences between "corps Mk.82" et "corps CBEMS" ?
    The same guidance kit can be mounted on differents types of bombes, in most of case, the american standards bombs are used (Mk.82, 83 or 84, BLU-...), but these bombs do not meet the safety standards aboard aircraft carriers such as the Charles-de-Gaulle (R91).

  • The CBEMS bombs (Secure Multiple Effects Bomb Body), were developed for this purpose, so they are mainly used by the Navy. They have a slightly shorter body than a Mk.82 with a cylindrical section, so the guide heads are a bit longer in order to keep the same aerodynamic characteristics.

  • Air force = body Mk.82
    Navy = body CBEMS

    (exceptions are always possible)

  • They have no printing irregularities, the fins are thin but strong. The parts are protected in a «cage» allowing transport and storage without breakage, including fins.

    Please note the decreasing price according to quantities and options with other sets :
    1/72 - 2x AASM 250 (body CBEMS)
    Website is currently closed, reopen on
    31st August 2024
    In stock
    3,00 EUR

    1/72 - 2x AASM 250 (body CBEMS)
    (+Decals included) decals delivered from march 2024
    Website is currently closed, reopen on
    31st August 2024
    In stock
    4,00 EUR

    1/72 - 2x PU 708 + 2x AT730 + 6x AASM (body CBEMS)
    (+Decals included) decals delivered from march 2024
    Website is currently closed, reopen on
    31st August 2024
    In stock
    16,00 EUR  =>  10,00 EUR

      Website is currently closed, reopen on 31st August 2024  

    3D development "AASM 250 (body CBEMS)" by Philippe Goulard

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