Maestro 4803

Maestro 4803 - Discontinued reference -- Reissue is not garanteed (infos ?)
Saab F-35, RF-35 & TF-35 Royal Danish Air Force (decals for 4x Aircrafts)
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Decals sheets designed by Anders Nowotny and Syhart Decal for Maestro Models.

This decals sheet include all the markings to make four Saab Draken :
-F-35 Draken A-009 "Lisbon" Esk725 1991
-RF-53 Draken AR-117 "Danish Dynamite" Esk729 1986
-RF-35 Draken AR-109 "Christmas Present" Esk729 1987
-TF-35 Draken AT-158 "The Princess" 1993-Today

screen-printed decals (classic decals - pre cutted / no-ALPS) declined on two scales.(Stencils inclued)

1/72 : 14,00 EUR (Sold out)
1/48 : 18,00 EUR (Sold out)
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